The farming companies of the Group have the best cow herds in Lithuania



The members of the Association of Lithuanian Cattle Breeders (LGVA) chose the best farms in the annual meeting. LGVA unites 1,709 members who have 82,430 cows.

Among the agricultural companies, the best results in Lithuania in 2017 were reached by our farming company Šakiai District Lukšių ŽŪB, the cows herd of which was the best, with an average of 13,385 kg of milk from cow. Farming company Sidabravo ŽŪB (Radviliškis district) ranked the third with the milk yield per cow being 11,024 kg.

The most productive white-backed cow in Lithuania lives in Lukšiai agricultural company, and it gave as much as 18,235 kg of milk during the year 2017, while the most productive cow among Lithuanian Red breed cows lives in Panevėžys District Žibartonių ŽŪB, and her annual milk yield was 16,906 kg.

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The farming companies of the Group have the best cow herds in Lithuania