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The business journey of AB Akola Group commenced in 1991 with the establishment of its first company, Linas ir viza. Today, AB Akola Group navigates the complete food production chain, from farm to fork.

We stand as one of the largest agribusiness companies in the Baltic region, with a vision to emerge as leaders in the food industry.

The largest agri-food group

in the Baltic region


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listed in Nasdaq Vilnius




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Our vision is the new era of sustainable agriculture and nourishing food.
To be part of that era, we strive to be:

Acting sustainably and with a sense of responsibility to employees, the environment, investors, and the community.

We are vibrant optimists – passionate and not afraid to be challenged.

We are curious. Aim to make something new and useful or valuable.

Cooperate with colleagues, customers, investors, and communities.

Our Mission is to unlock the potential of agriculture and food industry

Inspired by land and food and applying our experience, authentic knowledge, and cutting-edge technologies, we grow daily to shape an era of sustainable agriculture and nourishing food.

In the future,

we envision Akola Group as a leader in agriculture and nutrition in the Baltics, aspiring for global reach.

To achieve this, we consistently invest in the modernization of processing plants, new acquisitions, and the expansion of our product range. Acknowledging the vast potential within food value chain, we are committed to unlocking it through responsible and sustainable practices, leveraging innovation and knowledge to craft products for consumers seeking exceptional quality.

Darius Zubas

Chief Executive Officer

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We unite over 60 companies and employ close to 5 thousand team members.


AB Akola Group

Holding company that has a management function only and does not engage in trading or manufacturing activities.

Partners for Farmers
Food production
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AB Kauno Grūdai

Production of flour and flour mixes, breadcrumbs and coating systems, instant foods, ready-to-eat meals, compound feeds, and premixes. The company also engages in…

Partners for Farmers

AB Linas Agro

Grain, oilseed and feedstuffs trading and agricultural inputs supply.

Food production

AB Kaišiadorių Paukštynas

Chicken raising for meat and eggs production, production of poultry and its products

Food production

AB Vilniaus Paukštynas

Chicken raising for meat and eggs production, production of poultry and its products

Food production

AB Zelvė

Broiler breeding

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