We will invest in milking robots and water beds for cows



Agricultural company Kėdainiai District Labūnavos ŽŪB has completed an important modernization phase and is planning a new investment of hundreds of thousands of euros in farm renovation and advanced technologies that will ensure the highest animal welfare standards.

A month ago, the agricultural company completed the renovation of its second farm, equipped with 2 smart milking robots from a Dutch manufacturer. The company has invested more than €345,000 in this project. A further investment of €420,000 is planned for the renovation and robotization of the third farm this year. It is estimated that the new technology will pay for itself in the next 4.5-5 years.

Labūnavos ŽŪB, which last year was the first in the Baltics to invest in BouMatic intelligent milking robots, plans to employ 10 robots by 2025, to fully switch to an automated milking system, and to increase the herd of cows to 650-670, and to install waterbeds for cows. The company currently has 538 dairy cows and 4 robots in 2 renovated farms, looking after 210 animals.

The introduction of digital milking technology has also increased productivity. On average, the robots milk cows 2.5 times a day. One robot handles 50-55 cows and does the work that used to take 3 people. Before the robotization, the company had 44 employees, but after the renovation of two farms and the installation of 4 robots, the number of employees was reduced to 33. The renovation of the third farm in the complex will bring the total number of professionals needed to maintain the dairy farm to 29.

Labūnavos ŽŪB is active in crop and dairy farming. It produces about 14 000 tons of cereals and 5.7 thousand tons of milk per year, and sells about 400 tons of live weight meat. The company’s annual revenue exceeds EUR 5 million and it employs 73 people.

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