Four Hearts Initiative

Acknowledging indisputable challenges posed by global warming, climate change, water pollution, ocean acidification, and biodiversity loss, we actively champion change at every step we take.

We strategically diversify our activities to maximize the company’s long-term value, focusing on activities that create more value.

We have named our sustainable development ambition ‘Four Hearts,’ where each company within the Group contributes and employees get involved.

Striving for sincerity in our aspirations, we put our whole heart into everything we undertake.

Sustainability ambition

‘Four hearts’

Fueled by the power of the four hearts, we move forward to establish a more sustainable business, economy, environment, and social well-being for employees, communities, society.

Each heart represents one area where we strive for progress and sustainable change:





Dotnuva Baltic’s solar power valley welcomes spring sun

AB Akola Group to build a seed factory for EUR 9.5 million

General contractor and equipment suppliers selected for the construction of a biogas plant in Šakiai district

Partnership in the TETRAS project, funded by Interreg Baltic Sea Region

A new agricultural machinery sales and service center

Biogas plant, partly financed by the EU, to start operating in 2025

Poultry companies reveal an ambitious sustainability strategy

We have invested 4.5 million euros to enhance biosafety in Latvian poultry companies

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