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Our team boasts over 30 years of expertise in pet food technology and veterinary pharmacy.

Our primary focus lies in leveraging our expertise to develop products with significant added value. With our dedicated pet food plant that operates at full capacity to meet high demand, we ensure our products are wholesome and align with the latest trends.

In Lithuania, we also represent world-famous brands of veterinary products.


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Operating revenue (MEUR)

The rising demand for premium pet food aligns seamlessly with our dedication to crafting premium offerings.

Key Activities

We manage the entire production chain of pet food, from sourcing raw materials to delivering the final product. Our activities encompass:

  • Production and sales of extruded products and pet food
  • Wholesale and retail sale of veterinary pharmacy products
  • Fumigation and sanitation services, trade in hygiene products

Pet Food and other Extruded Products

We proudly own several esteemed cat and dog food brands: Quattro, Canis, La Murr, and Aport.

Located in Alytus, Lithuania, our extruded products manufacturing facility undergoes regular upgrades to ensure our products align with the latest trends. From sourcing raw materials to delivering the final product to points of sale, we maintain full control over every aspect of the production process.

With a field to table production approach, we ensure complete traceability and thorough supervision throughout the process.

A dedicated team of specialists is committed to developing new technologies, innovations, and products. Our goal is to deliver exceptional products with natural flavors while maintaining their nutritional integrity.

Veterinary Pharmaceuticals

Our professional veterinary pharmaceuticals team offer veterinary preparations and devices, also complex service package, including professional consultations and regular qualification seminars.

The subsidiary Kauno Grūdai represents the well-known brands and manufacturers – Zoetis Inc., Woogene B&G CO. LTD, Bioveta, a.s., Interchemie Werken De Adelaar B.V., Innov Ad NV/SA, TOV Brovafarma, Boehringer Ingelheim, Zoovetvaru Ltd. (Virbac), KRKA, LAVET Pharmaceuticals Ltd, Aconitum.

Pest Control and Cleaning & Hygiene Products

Our experienced pest control experts can offer tailor-made solutions to ensure food safety requirements. We also trade in high quality chemical products for professional use and everyday cleaning of premises.

Performance Indicators

Performance indicators 2021 / 2022 2022 / 2023
Sales revenue, MEUR 36 22
Gross profit, MEUR 6.3 3.5
Operating profit, MEUR (2.0) 0.5

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