Partners for Farmers

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Ensuring the sustainability and prosperity of farmers is our top priority.

Key Activities

We maintain close partnerships with farmers in the Baltic region, offering a comprehensive range of services essential for successful farm operations:

  • Grain storage and logistics services
  • Trading of grain, oilseeds, and feed raw materials
  • Compound feed production and sales
  • Seed preparation in our dedicated seed preparation plant
  • Supply of seeds, plant protection products, and fertilizers to farmers
  • Provision and rental of agricultural machinery, spare parts supply, and servicing
  • Installation of grain preparation and storage facilities, as well as livestock farms
  • Farming apps

Grain and Oilseed Trading

One of our core activities is trading grain and oilseeds. We have been involved in this activity since 1991. A large part of this activity consists of trade in cereals grown in Lithuania and Latvia, and in Ukrainian harvests. The main export commodity is wheat, and the main export destinations are Norway, Belgium, Finland, Spain, Poland, Germany, Nicaragua, Kenya, Morocco, etc.

Grain Storage and Logistic Services

Grain preparation in grain storage facilities (cleaning, drying, storage, reloading) and logistics services are a significant part of international trade and grain sourcing. We have our grain elevator network–nineteen in Lithuania and five in Latvia. Currently, our under-roof storage capacity for various grains and other commodities in Lithuania and Latvia is 604 thousand tons. The capacities of the storage facilities at ports operated by us reach 291 thousand tons. We have a stevedoring company, UAB Jungtine Ekspedicija, located at Klaipeda port.

Feed Business

We produce and trade loose and pre-packaged feed for poultry, pigs, cattle, and other animals, as well as merchandise raw feed materials and feed additives (e.g., sunflower, rapeseed cake, sunflower, soybean meal, sugar beet granules, vegetable oils, licks, premixes, vitamins, amino acids, etc.).

Compound feeds is produced in the own factories in Lithuania (294 thousand tons annual production capacity of compound feeds and premixes). The majority of the production is sold on the local Baltic market, and a part of the production is sold through the network of retail stores in Lithuania (UAB KG Mažmena, covering about 70-80% of the Lithuanian feed retail market and managing twelve feed (retail outlets).
The geography of sales of raw materials and additives for feed is vast: Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East.

Agricultural Inputs Supply

A supply of agricultural inputs (certified seeds, fertilizers, plant protection products) to farmers is our long-term activity that traces back to 1993. Our companies mainly sell products to Lithuanian and Latvian farms. Agricultural inputs are sourced from various countries worldwide, while most of the seeds sold are produced at the group’s certified seed factory in Dotnuva (central Lithuania). This factory is capable of preparing 30 thousand tons of certified seeds under the ‘Dotnuva Seeds’ brand name. We are building a seed factory in Latvia with a yearly capacity of 20 thousand tons.

The total storage capacity for warehousing seeds, fertilizers, and plant protection products in Lithuania and Latvia is 187 thousand tons; we have 16 sales points serving our customers.

We represent the well-known manufacturers – Syngenta, Adama, Rapool, Yara, Ekoplon, Novagra, Nando, Haifa, Daymsa, Agritechno, OCP/Helm, Granmax, UHB Agro, Rosier, Achema, LV Agro, BASF, Corteva, Bayer, Nufarm, KWS, Agronutrition, Van Iperen, Sicit GROUP, IKAR, Tracegrow, Nordkalk.

Agricultural Machinery

Supply of new and used agricultural machinery, spare parts, service and rent to the farmers is an important part of cooperation with farmers. The range of agricultural machinery includes everything necessary for working on crop and livestock farms. Our subsidiaries, Dotnuva Baltic, have 13 technical service points and are known as good technical service providers in Pan-Baltic. They have lately been working on improving machinery’s long–and short-term rental service to farmers and agricultural companies.

We sell both agrimachinery of the well-known worlwide and local manufacturers– Kverneland, Quicke, Case IH, Einbock, Agrifac, Shaffer, Swimer, Mandam, Agrisem, MacDon, Laumetris, Wielton, Jeantil, Spinder, CMP Impianti Srl, Champion, Field Bee, UMEGA, Rotar.

Other Services for Farmers

Other our services for farmers include selling and installing equipment for grain cleaning, drying, storage, and livestock farms (Dotnuva Baltic companies) and developing the GeoFace intelligent farming system in Lithuania and Latvia.

Professional designers and engineers design and install grain and farm equipment. We represent well-known manufacturers and brands like Cimbria, Bin, Siloking, BouMatic, Arska, SYMAGA, Butler Gold, Pellon, Roka, Kongskilde, JKF Industri, Brandt, Andritz, etc.

Our people have developed the app GeoFace, designed for farmers, agricultural companies, and agronomists. The app is developed to meet the requirements and challenges of regional farmers and is optimally adapted to each farm. With it, managing the farms becomes easy and efficient while crop yields increase.

Performance Indicators

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*Trade in grain and other raw materials, production and marketing of feed

**Agricultural inputs supply

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Partners for Farmers

We stand as steadfast partners to farmers, delivering goods, providing expert consultation, and participating in the trade of agricultural raw materials.


We engage in responsible farming across seven agricultural enterprises in Lithuania that are part of our group.

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