AB Linas Agro Group rebranded to AB Akola Group



The new name of the Group was registered 4 December. On 8 December, the ticker of the company’s shares on the Nasdaq Vilnius Stock Exchange changed from LNA1L to AKO1L.

Akola’s name, which encodes the message ‘Authentic knowledge of the land’s alphabet’, reflects the Group’s identity and experience in working along the entire food chain, from field to table.

With the new brand, under which the Group’s three businesses will be concentrated,  Akola Group plans to increase production volumes, accelerate business development in international markets, and make new investments in the Baltic States.

The  subsidiaries of Akola group  will not be affected by the branding changes – they will all continue to operate under their existing names, except the three holding companies.

UAB Linas Agro Konsultacijos was renamed UAB Akola Farming it owns all the Group’s farming businesses and agricultural companies.

The company UAB Taba Holding became UAB Akola Foods, the owner of the shares in AB Kauno Grūdai. It is planned that in the future it will own all the food production companies of the Group, except poultry companies.

In the future, the poultry companies’ in Lithuania and Latvia shares will be concentrated in UAB Akola Poultry.

Akola Group intends to strengthen its position in the Baltic States in the coming years in all areas of its business, both in food production and in services to farmers.

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