AB Akola Group invests in ‘Brite’

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AB Akola Group has signed an agreement with Brite Drinks Ltd, a UK functional drinks start-up, to invest 450 thousand euros.


‘Brite’ is a natural functional drinks start-up

Brite Drinks Ltd is a Lithuanian-owned manufacturer of ‘Brite’ functional drink, with sales to the United Kingdom, Ireland, Belgium, France, and the Baltic States.

Mažvydas Šileika, CFO of Akola Group

‘Brite’ functional drink is for everyone who wants to get through the day smarter and healthier. It contains no added sugar, sweeteners, preservatives, or other artificial additives. It is produced from natural nootropic ingredients that improve cognitive function. ‘Brite’ is a more effective and healthier alternative to energy drinks and coffee.

According to ‘Brite’ co-founders Andrius Ratkevičius and Simas Jarašūnas, the investment will help the company expand in its main market, the United Kingdom.

The founders of the start-up Brite Drinks Ltd

AB Akola Group invests in ‘Brite’

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