The Group plans to expand operations

Food production


AB Linas Agro Group, one of the largest agri-food companies in the Baltic region, is planning to expand by building a noodles factory and a breadcrumb factory at the cost of almost 11 million euros.

Investments amounting to EUR 6.5 million are underway, and the ordering of equipment for the Group’s third noodles factory, which will be located in Kaišiadorys, next to Kaišiadorys poultry farm, has already started. The two noodles factories in Kėdainiai and Alytus, owned by AB Kauno Grūdai, are currently at 100% capacity, and market demand is high, with the instant food sector growing by 10% per year in Europe. The Group’s instant foods are so popular that they account for as much as one-tenth of the European market.

The production units of AB Kauno Grūdai, which produce instant noodles in cups, are already operational in Kėdainiai and Alytus. As much as 90% of instant noodles are exported.

The Group has already invested in the instant foods business this year, with the construction of a warehouse in the Kėdainiai district nearing completion.

A total of 4 new production projects are being considered for 2-3 years, including an investment of EUR 4.3 million in a breadcrumb factory, which has already been approved, as the market demand for breadcrumbs is higher than supply. Two other projects are under consideration.

The Group also plans to reduce poultry farming at the Rudamina poultry farm in the future: Vilniaus Paukštynas would become a poultry processing company, with a slaughterhouse and a processing plant remaining. Poultry farming does not entirely avoid the problem of odors, which is becoming more acute as Rudamina, where Vilniaus Paukštynas is located, becomes a suburb of Vilnius.

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