Enlight Research analysts to provide regular information on Linas Agro Group



“Something big in the making” says the headline of the initial analytical report on Linas Agro Group conducted by investment research company Enlight Research, published today. After recently announced positive decision from The Competition Council of the Republic of Lithuania, allowing Linas Agro Group to implement the acquisition of KG Group, the report is likely to attract attention from stakeholders, as it provides a consolidated view of the soon to be biggest company on the Nasdaq Baltic Stock Exchange in terms of sales (Linas Agro Group after acquisition of KG Group). The report presents key activity segments and the sales mix of the post-acquisition Linas Agro Group, and provide insights into the expected future results and valuation of the share. The report by Enlight Research in English language is available here.

As per Research Coverage Agreement, signed between AB Linas Agro Group and Enlight Research, in addition to the initiation report, Enlight Research will issue updates twice a year. All reports will be available at Enlight Research and Linas Agro Group websites.

“For some time now, we have been analyzing the publicly available Enlight Research reports on the listed Baltic companies and gotten a good impression. Adding AB Linas Agro Group to the Enlight Research coverage list – is our contribution to creating a more knowledgeable and transparent market, especially benefiting retail investors”, says Mažvydas Šileika, Finance Director of AB Linas Agro Group.

Enlight Research have estimates on 28 Baltic companies with in-depth research reports on several of them. All estimates and reports are freely available on the company’s website that is aimed at both private and institutional investors.

“We are very happy to welcome Linas Agro to the Enlight Research platform, especially since it is about to become one of the largest companies on the Baltic Stock Exchange”, says Mattias Wallander, the founder of Enlight Research.

The Enlight Research analysis commissioned by Linas Agro Group is based solely on publicly available information; the conclusions, opinions and valuations are independent and represent the view of the researcher alone. The report was prepared for informational purposes and cannot be considered an offer to buy or sell shares. The responsibility for such a decision lies with the investor.

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