Biogas production project in agricultural company Šakiai District Lukšių ŽŪB

Our Group plans to build a biogas plant with biomethane purification equipment in Šakiai district municipality and connect it to the gas grid in the village of Plyniai till the end of 2025.

Project Aim:

to install a production and purification plant for biomethane production and connect the system to the gas operator’s grid.

The project is financed under the European Union funds for 2021-2027 and the Recovery and Resilience Facility under the “European Union-funded NextGenerationEU” instrument.

Total Project Value:

EUR 8,795,400,00

Total EU financing:

EUR 3,518,160,00

Project start date:


Project Completion Date:


Project Organizer:

Šakiai District Lukšių ŽŪB

Key information about the project

The name of the project:

Construction of new biomethane gas production facilities in Šakiai District Lukšių ŽŪB


  • Two bioreactors with the biogas production capacity 415 m3 per hour or 3,635,400 m3 per year.
  • Equipment to feed the biomethane produced into the gas grid.

Raw material:

  • The primary material to be used for the processing is animal manure. It will account for 99% of all raw materials for biogas production.


  • In February 2023, the agricultural company Šakiai District Lukšių ŽŪB signed a contract with the Central Project Management Agency for the implementation of the project “Construction of new biomethane gas production facilities in Šakiai District Lukšių ŽŪB.”
  • In January 2024, the project’s general contractor and equipment suppliers were selected. The project has been put out to tender and the winner and general contractor was Volflita UAB, a representative of the Wolf System Group in Lithuania since 2007, with many years of experience the design, construction and management of commercial buildings, agricultural and engineering structures and construction projects. The supplier of biomethane production equipment will be the German company Ellmann Engineering GmbH, whose technology is characterized by efficient and effective gas recirculation system. The biogas upgrading equipment is planned to be supplied by DMT Environmental Technology, a Dutch company with 35 years of experience, which has installed more than 183 biogas upgrading systems of various capacities in different countries around the world and is a leader in this field.

Expected outcome

  • The planned biogas plant will produce biogas using biodegradable waste and other products from the cattle unit of Lukšių ŽŪB and other companies.
  • Biogas production will also have a by-product, digestate, a high-quality fertilizer.
  • Biogas production will not only provide sustainability value but will also boost Lithuania’s economic performance by reducing dependence on foreign energy suppliers and creating additional jobs and new factories in Lithuania through the circular economy.

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