AB Linas Agro is expanding to Estonia: it will offer a full package of agricultural products and services

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The subsidiary of AB Linas Agro Group, agricultural business company AB Linas Agro, has established a company in Estonia. Once launched, the company will offer the full range of agricultural inputs: from seeds to agricultural machinery. Until now, the company has operated in Lithuania and Latvia, so the Estonian direction is a consistent part of the company’s development.

“This is an important stage in the company’s development, which will allow us to strengthen in the Baltic market. We assess the situation in Estonia very positively: it is a modern innovative market, where operating companies, like us in Lithuania and Latvia, offer the full package of products and services needed for agriculture. We see a great prospect of successful development there, we are ready to invest in human resources and quality development, ” says Tomas Pučkis, CEO of AB Linas Agro.

According to T. Pučkis, such a portfolio of products will be convenient both for suppliers, whose products will be able to reach a wider market share, and for buyers, because, representing producers in all three Baltic countries, the company will be able to offer more competitive prices and conditions.“Currently, we are already completing the final portfolio of goods and services and the team of employees. Dotnuva Baltic, a subsidiary of AB Linas Agro Group, has been operating in Estonia since 2010, so part of its employees will also contribute to Linas Agro’s operations in Estonia, ”says the company’s CEO.

Having started operations in Estonia, the company Linas Agro will cover all the Baltic countries, and it also operates in Ukraine.

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