7.4 million tons of cereals in 20 years

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Starting with a greenfield investment in Joniškis twenty years ago, today, we are proud to have the largest network of grain elevators in the Baltics.

Celebrating its twentieth anniversary this year, the grain handling company UAB Linas Agro Grūdų Centrai is marking it with a significant expansion. The merger of Kauno Grūdai and Linas Agro grain elevators networks will make a network of 28 facilities in Lithuania and Latvia by 1 July, employing more than 240 people and providing services to farmers. Their name will be ‘Linas Agro’. The remaining three elevators of the Group – two in Kaunas and one in Alytus – will operate under the name ‘Kauno Grūdai’ and serve the food production business.

‘When we built the first grain elevator in Joniškis 20 years ago and started the grain preparation and storage business, we could not imagine that it would one day grow into such a large and sustainable company, and even become the largest elevator infrastructure in the Baltic States this year,’ said Alvydas Ramanauskas, Director of UAB Linas Agro Grūdų Centrai.

According to A.Ramanauskas, farmers are expected to feel the positive changes resulting from the companies’ elevator infrastructure merger.

‘After taking over the activities of the Crop Production Department of Kauno Grūdai, the employees who worked in the elevators before the merger will remain in the same places, so our customers will continue to communicate with the people they know. Farmers may be surprised only by the new names of the production units.

In the future, the changes will be related to ensuring a common quality standard at all elevators and improving the customer experience at the grain intake places’, said A. Ramanauskas.

The company UAB Linas Agro Grūdų Centrai, founded 20 years ago in July, celebrated its 20th anniversary a few weeks earlier on 17 June at Tautvydas Manor, Kėdainiai District.

‘Be the best’, greeted the network of grain elevators Darius Zubas, CEO of AB Linas Agro Group, and Tomas Pučkis, CEO of AB Linas Agro, during the event.

Over twenty years, the network of grain storage facilities owned by AB Linas Agro Group has handled almost 7.4 million tons of grain. Many of the network’s elevators also store fertilizers, plant protection products, and other goods for farmers.

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