Reorganization of the companies running grain elevators is completed

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On 22 March 2022, the new version of the Articles of Association of UAB Linas Agro Grūdų Centrai (the Company) was registered in the Register of Legal Entities of the Republic of Lithuania, thus completing the reorganization by merging the Company with:

UAB Karčemos Bendrovė (legal entity code 302487798, registered office address Šiaulių St. 72, Gustonys vill., Panevėžys district, Lithuania);
UAB KUPIŠKIO GRŪDAI (legal entity code 160189745, registered office address Technikos St. 6, Kupiškis, Lithuania);
UAB Linas Agro Grūdų Centras (legal entity code 148450944, registered office address Smėlynės g. 2C-3, Panevėžys, Lithuania).

All assets, rights, and obligations of UAB Karčemos Bendrovė, UAB KUPIŠKIO GRŪDAI, and UAB Linas Agro Grūdų centras were transferred to the Company on 22 March 2022.

All contracts concluded with UAB Karčemos Bendrovė and/or UAB KUPIŠKIO GRŪDAI and/or UAB Linas Agro Grūdų Centras shall continue to be enforceable against the Company.

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